Daniel Segerberg: Leviathan

16 november 2019 - 12 januari 2020

Ronneby konsthall/kulturcentrum, Ronneby (SE)

Merzedes Sturm Lie: Dead Recooning

11 -25 oktober 2019, Projektrum HJÄRNE, Helsingborg (SE)

Siri Kollandsrud: En eller en annan Dag

31 augusti - september 2019. Galleri Skelderhus, Munka Ljungby (SE)


7 September – 24 November 2019, Four Doms Pavillion, branch of National Musem of Wroclaw, Poland.

Artists: Jörg Herold, Dorota Nieznalska & Katarina Pirak Sikku

Curated together with Iwona Bigos, director of postwar and contemporary art at Four Doms Pavillion 

Kindly supported by Goethe Institute



Merzedes Sturm Lie

11 - 25 oktober 2019, projektrum HJÄRNE

Daniel Segerberg

Ronneby Konsthall

My Perversion is the Belief in True Love

Fall 2020, Pori Art Museum, Finland




Up-coming exhibitions also under preperation in Germany and Chile. More information will follow soon.

Several exhibitions projects are currently under development in different fields: Exhibitions with emerging artists, art from the 80:ies, artist communities, art in relation to the Holocaust, conceptual art from 1960-1980....some of the exhibition projects are still looking for venues.


Also in preparation: 2nd and enlarged version of WAR AIJENTLICH AIN SCHEENES SCHIFF, on the largest sea catastrophe Wilhelm Gustloff.


Please contact us for more information







Freelance exhibitions: 2016 - 

Växjö konsthall: 2015-2017 as artistic director

Freelance exhibitions: 2013 – 2015

Kalmar konstmuseum 2006 -2012 as Director of exhibitions

Freelance exhibitions: 2002 - 2012

M Art In(n): 2000 – 2003



Freelance exhibitions: 2016 -


Conny Blom: The Church of Bad Decision

2 - 25 August 2019, Project Room HJÄRNE, Helsingborg, Sweden. 


Agata Nowosielska: The Human Book

17 May - 23 June 2019. Projektrum HJÄRNE, Helsingborg.


6 April –May – 2019, Ronneby Konstcentrum

Artists:  Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Sahar Al-khateeb, Siri Elfhag, Joakim Forsgren, Victor Lizana, Jonas Lund, Merzedes Sturm-Lie and André Talborn


Alba S Enström: Spirits of Life

Projektrum HJÄRNE, Helsingborg, Sweden 11 January – 1 March 2019




Art is our friend; Sex, Lies and World Cultures

29 May – 3 June, Växjö Konsthall (acted together with Piia Posti).

Artists: Gwen Maddy Hansson, Wilan Ji and Filip Hallbäck. The exhibition was part of the graduation show within Linnaeus University, Sweden.



19 May – 3 June. MA and BA graduation exhibitions within the international Design Programs at Linnaeus University. The exhibition was also a course in visual presentation, acted as main teacher together with Terje Östling and Stephanie Carleklev.





Giving meaning to Emptiness…

24 November – 20 December 2017, NCCA – Kaliningrad branch, Russia. 

Participating artists: Jiří Kovanda, Andrei Monastyrsky, Ewa Partum and Andre Tot. NCCA – Kaliningrad -branch.


Manifest för här och nu och eventuellt framöver

21 June – September 2018, Undantaget, Öland, Sweden

Participating artists: Max Book, Heath Bunting, Combi Cats, Siri Elfhag, Alba S Enström, Joakim Forsgren & Mikael Goralski & Christer Chytraéus, Cora Hillebrand, Stefan Johansson, Torbjörn Johansson, Victor Lizana, Jonas Lund, LG Lundberg, Jörgen Platzer, Ales Pushkin, Zurab Rtveliashvili, Klara Sax (Nina Slejko Blom and Conny Blom), Ekaterina Sisfontes, Jadran Sturm & Åsa Lie, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Jonathan Meese, Helle Kvamme, Greta Weibull & Oskar Hult.





Deep into the North

15 October – 11 November 2016, invitation to curate an official exhibition within the biennial SIART in La Paz, Bolivia.

Participating artists: Kristina Müntzing, Valeria Montti Colque, Viktor Lizana, Liselotte Wajstedt, Katarina Pirak Sikku and Merzedes Sturm-Lie.

Kindly supported by the Swedish Embassy in La Paz and the ministry of foreign affairs in Sweden.


Cash - From a Symbol and a Dream to a Hard Core Reality 

25 August – October 2016, State Art Museum, Samara, Russia. One of the main exhibitions within the 8th Shiryaevo biennale. Organised by NCCA, Volga branch.

Participating artists: Conny Blom & Nina Slejko Blom, Heath Bunting, Juan Castillo, Alba S Enström Jonas Lund, Cecilia Parsberg, Oliver Ressler and Merzedes Sturm-Lie.

Kindly supported by Swedish Embassy in Moscow and IASPIS


In Search for the Miraculous

24 June – 4 September 2016, Outdoor exhibition project in the area of Kozanow. Official exhibition within the Wroclaw European cultural capital 2016 (together with Iwona Bigos).

Participating artists: Heath Bunting, Hubert Czerepok, Jörg Herold, Kristina Müntzing, Daniel Segerberg, Artur Zmijewski, Andrzej Dudek-Dürer, Jörg Herold, Jiří Kovanda, Katarzyna Krakowiak, , Jacek Niegoda, Aleś Pushkin, Dominika Skutnik, Dietmar Schmale, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Michał Węgrzyn, Julita Wójcik, Krzysztof Żwirblis, Dienstag Abend (Ana de Almeida, Ludwig Kittinger, Fernando Mesquita, Sophie Thun and Dorota Walentynowicz) and Saperki czyli (Elżbieta Bon Ton, Anna Cięciwa Gądek, Olimpia Janik, Bojka Wodnicka, Cieńka Malwa, Maria Syrena Bitka, Natalia Krawczyk and Magdalena Hlawacz).

Kindly supported by IASPIS, IFA and Czech Institute.


Det var egentligen ett vackert fartyg – Wilhelm Gustloff, världens största fartygskatastrof.

11 June 2016 – 29 January 2017. Museum of Emigration, part of the Museum Kulturparken Småland. Together with Iwona Bigos. The exhibition was in two parts, one exposé of the historical facts, and one artistic part functioning as reflection.

Participating artists: Jörg Herold, Magnus Petersson, Hubert Czerepok, Anna Steller, Evgeny Umanski and Jonas Dahm.



Växjö konsthall 2015-2017, Sweden. List of initiated and curated exhibitions as artistic director


Zurab Rtveliashvili: Borscht for Europe

2-26 Februari 2017.


Open Stage Performance

Initiated an open stage for performance. Invited special artists: Merzedes Sturm Lie. App 12 participants from around Sweden, including Diana Agunbiade Kowolade In collaboration with St Sigfrids Art School.


André Butzer & Andre Talborn

20 January – 19 March 2017.


Conny Blom: 368

30 November 2016 – 25 January 2017


Efter Apokalypsen finns bara optimismen kvar

11 November 2016 – 8 January 2017.  Magnus Petersson and Jenny Kalliokulju.


Agata Nowosielska: Holy Places

2 September – 23 Ocotber 2016.

Kindly supported by Polish Institute


Joakim Forsgren: Andra svepningen (Second Shroud)

26 October – 27 November 2016.


Juan Castillo: Another Day

2 September – 30 October 2016.


Jonas Lund: Versus

10 June – 14 August 2016.


Att ge tomheten mening

20 May – 22 August 2016.

Andrei Monastyrsky, Jiri Kovanda, Ewa Partum and Andre Tót.

Kindly supported from Polish Institute and Czech  Institute.


Shock Strike Blow / Rough History

11 Mars – 8 May 2016. Merzedes Sturm-Lie and Alisa Yoffe. Externt stöd från privat rysk stiftelse.


Sahar al Khateeb: The State of the Nation

11 February  – 3 April 2016.



16 January - 6 March 2016.

Participating artists: Mette Aarre, Jonathan Meese, Jörgen Platzer, Otto Piene, Otto Mühl, Ubbeboda Art Centre.

Kindly supported by Goethe Institute, Sweden


Diana Rönnberg: Berättelser vi lever och dör för

3 December 2015 – January 2016.





Freelance exhibitions: 2013 – 2015




Let´s come together

19 September – 16 October, Moscow Exhibitions Halls, part of the Moscow Biennale 2015, Russia. Curated together with Evgeniya Balantseva.

Participating artists: Alba S Enström, Swetlana Heger, Johanna Karlin, Jörgen Platzer, Daniel Segerberg, Merzedes Sturm-Lie and Ninia Svedrup, Juan Castillo and Diana Rönnberg.

Kindly supported by Swedish Embassy in Moscow and IASPIS.


LG Lundberg: Nedslag 3

13 June – 30 August 2015, Culture Centre Ronneby Konsthall, Sweden.   


Magnus Petersson and Jonas Dahm: Hidden Spaces

14 April – May, Museum of Modern Art, Kazan, Russia.



29 January 2015 – 10 January 2016. Günter Grass Haus, Lübeck, Germany.

Curated together with Iwona Bigos, and co – curated for Lübeck version with Tatjana Dübbel.

Participating artists: Jörg Herold, Magnus Petersson, Hubert Czerepok, Anna Steller, Evgeny Umanski and Jonas Dahm. The exhibition was in two parts, one with facts, and one with the reflection.





Freedom at the Barricades?

25 October 2014– 11 January 2015, Växjö Konsthall, Sweden.

Participating artists: Sherko Abbas, Colectivo Accitiones de Arte (CADA), Aliaa Elmahdy, Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena, FEMEN, Sana Ghobbeh, Hiwa K, Rozghar Mustafa, Ales Pushkin and Mykola Ridnyi.


Desorientering vs pluralism - Parallella verkligheter i en global tidsålder

15 November – 11 January 2015. Cultural Centre Ronneby konsthall, Ronneby, Sweden.

Participating artists: Conny Blom, Nadine Byrne, Elin Magnusson, Valeria Montti, Kristina Müntzing, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Sana Ghobbeh and Jenny Kalliokulju.


Не все Фрикадельки в Швеции (Everyone doesn’t it Meatballs in Sweden)

1-30 October 2014, Billboard project at Bus Stations, Samara, Russia. Collaboration with NCCA – Volga branch and Swedish Embassy in Moscow in context of Swedish Days in Samara.

Participating artists: Conny Blom, Juan Castillo, Alba S Enström, Swetlana Heger, Calle Holck, Jenny Kalliokulju, Johanna Karlin, Learning Site Group (Rikke Luther, Cecilia Wendt and Jaime Stapleton), LG Lundberg, Annika Ström, Lisa Strömbeck, Merzedes Sturm-Lie and Sunshine Socialist Cinema.


Magnus Petersson & Jonas Dahm: Wrecks

3 November – 10 December 2014, State Art Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia. In context of the Contemporary Photo Biennale in Novosibirsk.

Kindly supported by the Swedish Embassy in Moscow. 


Kristina Müntzing: Ny Svenskar

April 2014, Residence of the Swedish Cultural Attaché at Rossolimo Street, Moscow, Russia


In search of the Industrial Culture

28 February – 23 March, NCCA Branch Ekatrinburg, Russia.

Participating artists: Felix Gmelin, Conny Blom, Kristina Müntzing, Daniel Segerberg, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Alan Armstrong and Christoffer Danielsson.


Po prawdże to piękny sztatek beł | War aijentlich ain scheenes Schiff

25 January – 31 March, Günter Grass Gallery, Lübeck, Germany, together with Iwona Bigos. Art Exhibition on Wilhelm Gustloff catastrophe.

Participating artists: Magnus Petersson, Jonas Dahm, Jörg Herold, Günter Grass, Evgieni Umanski, Anna Steller, Olo Walicki and Huber Czerepok.





Magnus Petersson: selected works

Perm Art Residence, Perm, Russia.

Kindly supported by the Swedish Embassy in Moscow.



Magnus Petersson: selected works

17 September – October 2013. Residence of the Swedish Cultural Attaché at Rossolimo Street, Moscow, Russia.


There is a visitor#13

September – October 2013. Darwin State Museum, Moscow, Russia. Official exhibition within the 5th Moscow Biennale. Invited by the Swedish artist group Raketa to add Russian and Swedish artists to their exhibition There is a visitor#13, invited artists: Anastasia Ryabova, Conny Blom and Magnus Petersson.

Kindly supported by the Swedish Embassy in Moscow.


Have the wanderers of yesterday become today’s bag packers?

9 – 26 August 2013, Victoria Gallery, Samara, Russia. One of the Official main exhibition in context of in the 8th Shiryaevo Biennale – Screen: Between Europe and Asia. Organized by Volga Branch of National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia; Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation; Samara Regional Public Charitable Foundation.

Participating artists: Heath Bunting, Juan Castillo, Oleg Elagin, Klas Eriksson, Calle Holck, Hiwa K, Vladimir Lugotov, Tonka Malekovic, Jesper Nordahl, Raketa, Oliver Ressler, Stefan Rusu, Marinella Senatore, Sunshine Socialist Club, Vladimir Us and Jarek Sadlek, Łukasz Surowiec, Andrey Syaylev, Alexander Verevkin and Artur Żmijewski


The Nomad Show

9 August – 9 September 2013. Invited to add a group of Swedish artist to join the Nomad Show, main project in the 8th Shiryaevo Biennale – Screen: Between Europe and Asia. Organized by Volga Branch of National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia; Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation; Samara Regional Public Charitable Foundation.

Participating artists: Ann Edholm, Gustav Hellberg, Magnus Petersson, Alice Nylander, Swetlana Heger and Johanna Karlin.


Deep into Sweden

February 2013, Cultural Centre Tjumen, Russia. The exhibition was a collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Moscow in context of ”Swedish Days” in Tjumen.

Participating artists: Kalle Brolin, Calle Holck, Nadine Byrne, Klas Eriksson, Karin Hasselberg, Elin Magnusson, Kristina Müntzing, Ninia Svedrup, Magdalena Nordin feat. Sara Vide Ericson.


Falling from Grace

18 January – 21 February 2013, Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, Lithuania. Up to now the largest presentation in Lithuania with Swedish Contemporary Art.

Participating artists: Conny Blom, Kalle Brolin, Nadine Byrne, Alba S Enström, Klas Eriksson, Karin Hasselberg, Gustav Hellberg, Calle Holck, Johanna Karlin, Elin Magnusson, Kristina Müntzing, Sara-Vide Ericson/Magdalena Nordin, Astrid Nylander, Magnus Petersson, Daniel Segerberg and Ninia Sverdrup.

Kindly supported by the Swedish Embassy in Vilnius.



Exhibitions initiated and curated by Martin Schibli as Director of Exhibitions at Kalmar konstmuseum 2006-2012:





Alba S Enström: Don´t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me

15 September 2012 – 13 January 2013.

The exhibition space was during the exhibition period transformed into the studio of the artist. In connection of the exhibition there were also an ongoing film program with artists like Ellen Cantor.


Max Mikael Book: Stagnelium

1 September 25 November 2012


Marja Ruta: ­A History

2 June – 2 September 2012, curated together with Jörgen Platzer.


Åsa Elzen: Mary Wollstonecraft´s Scandinavian Journey 1795 Re-Traced

2 June – 2 September 2012.


Marina Naprushkina: Self#governing

19 May - 19 August 2012 (in collaboration with Joanna Warsza and Artur Zmijewski). The exhibition – as a satellite to the Berlin biennale - was part of a larger project which also included presentation at 7. Berlin Biennale and collaboration with organisations as Krytyka Polotyzna and Nash Dom.


En utställning om det offentliga rummet – vad det nu är för något?

19 May – 19 August, 2012. An exhibition in public space in Kalmar; public artworks, workshops, performances etc.

Participating Artists: Karolina Bregula, Heath Bunting, Klas Eriksson, Ingela Ihrman, Gustav Hellberg, Johanna Karlin, Krzysztof Zwirblis, Calle Holck, Anastasia Ryabova, Greta Weibull, Jörgen Platzer, Helle Kvamme,... The exhibition was also part of the EU South Baltic project Artline.


5 Second Culture ­– Graduation Exhibition Öland Art School

21 April – 20 May 2012.


Bo Christian Larsson: Falling Down

17 March – 6 May 2012. The exhibition travelled to Kristinehamns konstmuseum and Borås Konstmuseum.



28 January – 9 April 2012.

Participating artists: Joseph Beuys, Ana Mendieta, Almagul Menlibayeva, Bjørn Nørgaard, Yevgeniy Yufit, Andrei Liankevich, Nadine Byrne, Ales Pushkin and Ann Korzhova.





Magnus Petersson: Archipelago

10 December 2011 – 4 mars 2012.


Anna Baumgart: Fresh Cherries

10 December 2011 – 25 January 2012.


A complicated relation, part II

17 September - 27 November 2011.

Participating artists: Nikita Kadan, Mykola Ridnyj, Svätopluk Mikyta Vika Lomasko, VOINA, Tanja Muravskaja, SOSka Group, Sergey Shabohin, Tatiana Fiodorova, Stefan Rusu, Ghenadie Popescu

Lado Darakhvelidze, Andrus Joonas, Alexander Verevkin, San Donato Group, Anton Nikolaev Alexander Raevski, Giorgi Tabatadze, Bo Söderlund and Zurab Rtveliashvili

Upprätthållande av tingens ordning, 21 May – 14 August 2011. Works from the collections of Glasrikets Skatter Orrefors, Rostock Kunsthalle Collection with art from GDR period, and Kalmar konstmuseum Collection.


The Return of the Losers

7 May – 4 September 2011.

Participating artists: Danh Vo, Jumana Manna. Tamar Guimarães, Pilvi Takala, Søren Thilo Funder, Conny Blom, Ivan Galuzin, Sara-Vide Ericson, Klas Eriksson, Kristian Skylstad, Nug, Kjersti G. Andvig, Gustav Hellberg, Elin Magnusson, Theis Wendt, YKON, Eva Isleifsdottir, Hanna Ojamo, Alessandra Di Pisa, Páll Haukur Björnsson & Roxy Fahrat



26 March – 25 April 2011, graduation show Öland Art School


Tomas Kozak: Flash of the new Flesh

12 March – 1 May 2011.


Nina Svedrup Urban Scene XII: Petrol Station

21 January – 6 March 2011.





Oscar Guermouche:  Mine´s bigger than yours

11 December 2010 – 13 Mars 2011


Här II: Art from Kalmar region in context of the collection

27 November 2010 – 27 February 2011,

Invited curators: Malin Nilsson, Kim Einarsson & Anna Norberg.   


Swedish Conceptual Art – a retrospective (curated together with Oscar Guermouche).

4 September – 14 November 2010.

Participating artists: Öyvind Fahlström, Karl Holmqvist, Erik Dietman, Kajsa Dahlberg, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Juan Castillo, Annika Ström, Kjartan Slettemark, Conny Blom, Leif Elggren, Carl Frederik Reuterswärd, Sture Johannesson, Dan Wolgers, Sten Hanson, Anna Lundh, Åsa Cederqvist, Jan-Olof Mallander, Maria Lindberg, Magnus Bärtas, Karin Hasselberg, Bengt af Klintberg, Vassil Simiciev, Jan Svenungsson, Elin Wikström, Ola Billgren, Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena, Åke Hodell, Johan Strandahl, Beth Laurin, Max Ockborn, Andreas Gedin, Jesper Norda, Mans Wrange, Lars Vilks, Thomas Liljenberg, Lina Persson, Björn Lövin, Annelie Nilsson Ulla West, Bengt Adlers, Leif Eriksson, Pär Thörn, LG Lundberg, Gustav Hillbom, Alessandra Di Pisa, Erik Pauser, Dorinel Marc, Mette Aarre, Dan Fröberg, Magdalena Nordin, Andjeas Ejiksson, Carl-Erik Ström, Rolf Börjlind, Grant Watkins, Beck & Jung, Ulrika Westergren, Juan Carlos Peirone, Peter Ortmann, Cecilia Grönberg, Berndt Petterson, Jonas Magnusson, Jörgen Gassilewski


Brigitte Waldach: Fall

18 September -28 November 2010


Kalle Brolin: Mafiya

4 September10 October 2010.

Artur Zmijewski: Habana Libre

12 June– 5 September 2010.


Georg Baselitz: George Baselitz and his relationship to the Swedish artists Carl Fredrik Hill, Ernst Josephson and August Strindberg

22 May - 22 August 2010.


Jesper Nordahl: The t.A.T.u project

13 February – 17 March 2010.




Ales Pushkin: Gallery hos Pushkin

5 December 2009 – 10 February 2010.


The Social Critique 1993 – 2005

12 September – 22 November 2009.

Participating artists. Rirkrit Tiravanija, Pipilotti Rist, Sylvie Fleury, Isaac Julien, Rivane Neuenschwander, Oliver Ressler, Angela Bulloch, Zhang Huan, Maria Eichhorn, Maja Bajevic, Franz Ackermann, Zbigniew Libera, Johan Grimonprez, Peter Land, Cao Guimarães, Jens Haaning, Daniel J. Martinez, Richard Billingham, Tanja Ostojic, Sabine Hornig, Felix Gmelin, Plamen Dejanov & Swetlana Heger, Christine Hill, Heath Bunting, Stefan Constantinescu, Annika Ström, COM & COM, Anneè Olofsson, Elin Wikström


Jan Svensson: Gårdslandskap

1 August – 9 September 2009.


Anna Odell: Reconstruction

13 June 29 July 2009.


IRWIN: Was ist Kunst?

30 May – 30 August 2009.


Conny Blom: Desenselizer

18 April – 10 June 2009


Daniel Hoflund: Ivan

7 March – 15 April 2009


SIK - Spridd Isolerad Konst

28 February – 3 March 2009

Participating artists: Lawrence Weiner, Jimmie Durham, Reynold Reynolds, Thomas Rentmeister, Daniel Pflumm, Christian Andersson, Patrick Jolley, Axel Lieber, Beat Lippert, Veronica Brovall, Dorota Nieznalska, Ivan Galuzin, Jan Håfström, Nina Slejko Blom, Anna Nordquist Andersson, Karin Hasselberg, Gustav Hellberg, Elin Magnusson, Kristina Müntzing, Max Ockborn, Åsa Jungnelius, Sandra Kuhne, Alba S. Enström, Carl Johan Engberg, Klas Hällerstrand, Ingegerd Råman, Linnéa Jörpeland, LG Lundberg, Ditte Johansson, Alessandra Di Pisa, Barbro Bäckström, Ylva Westerhult, Helena Wikestam, Edwin Böck, Mats Alvesson, Joanna Eriksson





HÄRRegional biennale with art from Kalmar Region

6 December 2008 – 15 February 2009


Carl Johan Engberg: we don´t go there anymore

6 December 2008 – 13 January 2009.


Friction and Conflict

13 September – 23 November 2008

Jonathan Meese, Artur Zmijewski, Deimantas Narkevicious, Chto Delat, Sven Johne, Oleg Kulik,, Norbert Bisky, Tilo Baumgärtel, Marina Naprushkina, Erasmus Schröter, Zuzanna Janin, Margret Hoppe, Kristina Norman, Piotr Wysocki, Jaan Toomikm Ilya Chichkan, Anna Orlikowska, Factory of Found Clothes, Igor Mukhin, Astrid Nippoldt, Andrej Krementschouk, Dorota Nieznalska, Tomasz Kozak, Yevgeniy Yufit, Oscar Guermouche, Magnus Petersson and Uwe Max Jensen


Swetlana Heger: Smoke

10 May – 24 August 2008.


Guy Ben-Ner: Stealing Beauty

10 May – 24 August 2008.


Daniel Segerberg: Teleport

10 May – 24 August 2008.


K12, Öland Art School – Graduation show,

Spring 2008. 12 student did 12 projects in each municipality within the Kalmar region.




Oliver Ressler: The Fittest survive,

1- 20 December 2007.


Mellan Realitet och Sagoland

18 augusti – 16 september 2007, public art project in Högsby, Kalmar län, Sweden.

Participating artists: Conny Blom, Kalle Brolin, Daniel Segerberg, Karin Hasselberg, Jesper Nordahl, Oscar Guermouche, Kristina Müntzing, Magnus Petersson, Carl Johan Engberg, Frida Tebus, Alessandra Di Pisa, Ulrika Erdes, Anna Strid and Johan Lundh


LG Lundberg: Mina Landskap

26 May – 5 August 2007. The exhibition travelled to Luleå Kulturhus and Bohusläns Museum.


Baltic part 3 - Contemporary art from Estonia

6 October – 25 November 2007.

Participating artists: Jaan Toomik, Marko Mäetamm, Ene-Liis Semper, Merike Estna, Maksim Surin and Marta Kisand


Baltic part 2 - Contemporary art from Lithuania,

11 August – 30 September 2007.

Participating Artists: Darius Miksys, Juozas Laivys, Kristina Inciuraite, Arunas Gudaitis, Mindaugas Lukosaitis, Laura Stasíulytë, Alma Skersyte and Simona Galeckaité


Baltic part 1 – contemporary art from Latvia

Summer 2007



Western Russia

30 November – 30 December 2006 (curated together with Elena Gladkova, NCCA Kaliningrad)

Participating artists: Aleksey Chebykin, Dmitry Bulatov, Yevgeny Umansky, Yuri Vasiliev, Aleksander Lyubin, Aleksander Podoprigorov, Elena Tsvetaeva, Oleg Lystsov, Elena Gladkova, Julia Abramova, Yekaterina Karpenko, Anastasia Karpenko and Yevgeny Palamarchuk


Marina Naprushkina Dubbel Diktatur

26 oktober – 30 december 2006.


Oscar Guermouche: The rule as Strategy

1 – 31 October 2006.


Heath Bunting: Day Planning for Everyone

7 September - 15 October 2006.


Alba S Enström: Moments

7 September – 15 October 2006.


Catti Brandelius: Till Paris

1 July – 20 August 2006


Kristina Müntzing: New Swedes

6 May– 3 September 2006, included also a public poster project around Kalmar region. 



Freelance exhibitions: 2002 - 2012





Connected by Art - Zeitgenössische Kunst aus dem Ostseeraum

15 June  – 16 September, curatorial contribution to the exhibition Connected by Art, Staatliches Museum, Schwerin, one curator from every country around Baltic Sea chosen one artist. My choice: Magnus Petersson. Project curated by Kornelia Röder and Antonia Napp.


Deep into Sweden

27 April – 13 Mai 2012. Art Centre Novosibirsk, Russia. In connection of Swedish Days in Novosibirsk.

Participating artists: Lena Bergendahl, Nadine Byrne, Klas Eriksson and Bo Christian Larsson

Kindly supported by the Swedish Embassy in Moscow.


Falling from Grace

16 February – 9 April 2012. Kunsthalle Rostock. Major exhibition on Swedish Contemporary Art.

Participating artists: Stefan Alba Enström, Sara-Vide Ericsson, Klas Eriksson, Oscar Guermouche, Karin Hasselberg, Gustav Hellberg, Johanna Karlin, Bo Christian Larsson, Magnus Petersson, Daniel Segerberg, Ninia Sverdrup, NUG and Elin Magnusson






8-22 November 2011, Art Hotel and additional venues Moldavia, curated together with Stefan Rusu and in collaboration with Oberlith and Vladimir Us.

Participating artists: Klas Eriksson, Tatiana Fiodorova, Lado Darakhvelidze, Johanna Karlin, Åsa Elzén, Åsa Jungnelius, Vladimir Us, Vadim Tiganas, Maxim Kuzmenko, Giorgi Tabatadze, Giorgi Kevlishvili and Daniel Segergberg

Kindly supported by Swedish Institute through the Creative Force program.


Zimna Woda / Cool Water,

23 October 2011 – 13 January 2012, Local 30, Warsaw, Poland.

Participating artist: Oscar Guermouche, Elin Magnusson, Anna Odell and NUG.


Magnus Petersson: Sealed

22 October 2011 – 8 January 2012, Studio Galeria, Warsaw, Poland. 


Colliding Discourses, Shiryaevobiennalen

4 – 21 August 2011, Art Center, Samara. Russia.

Participating artists: Guy Ben-Ner, Heath Bunting, Dmitry Bulnygin, Phil Collins, Oleg Elagin, Sören Thilo Funder, Felix Gmelin, IRWIN, Swetlana Heger, Zuzanna Janin, Ladonia, Bo Christian Larsson, Marina Naprushkina, Anneé Olofsson, Magnus Petersson, Ales Pushkin, Pilvi Takala and Artur Zmijewski.


Nomad Show, Shiryaevo biennial

August 2011, Shiryaevo village.  Invited a group of Swedish artists to take part in the Nomad Show. Main curator for biennale: Nelya Korzhov.

Participating Swedish artists. Greta Weibull, Klas Eriksson, Kalle Brolin, Kristina Müntzing & Kalle Brolin and Ingela Ihrman.

Kindly supported by IASPIS:


Bus stop, Public Billboard Project

Summer 2011, Samara, Russia. Travelled later to Kazan, Russia. 

Participating artists: The minister of Art (Fredrik Axwik), Conny Blom, Kalle Brolin, Oscar Guermouche, Ton & Gainer (Klas Eriksson & John Hellberg), Karin Hasselberg, Gustav Hellberg, Johanna Karlin, Elin Magnusson, Jesper Nordahl and Elin Wikström.

Kindly supported by Statens kulturråd, IASPIS, Swedish Embassy in Moscow and Austrian Embassy in Moscow.





Visual Arts. New Practices

3 -22 December 2010, Gallery Y, Minsk, Belarus. Curated together with Anna Chistoserdova.

Participating artists: Marina Naprushkina, Aleksander Komarov, Igor Savchenko, Artur Klinaú, Andrei Liankevich, Daniel Segerberg, Jesper Nordahl, Oscar Guermouche, Elin Wikström, Åsa Elzén, Magnus Petersson, Anna Odell and Sergei Shabochin.

Kindly supported by Swedish Institute through the Creative Force program.


Is there any Hope for Optimistic Art

6 July – 1 August 2010. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia. Major project in connection of the Qui Vive biennale.

Participating artists: Maria Anwander, Olivier Babin, Conny Blom, Rasmus West, Natalya Dyu, Ivan Galuzin, Zeren Göktan, Oscar Guermouche & Lise Haurum Christensen, Elin Magnusson, Carlos Motta, Marina Naprushkina, Max Ockborn, Kristian Skylstad, Nina Slejko Blom, Soren Thilo Funder, Karin Hasselberg, Katrin Hornek, Gardar Eide Einarsson and Klas Eriksson.

Kindly supported by IASPIS, Swedish Embassy in Moscow and OCA.



9 - 10 October 2010, Perm State Art Museum, Russia. In connection to EU-days in Perm.

Participating artists: Tobias Bernstrup, Kalle Brolin, Felix Gmelin, Klara Lidén and Fia Stina Sandlund





Living in a Modern Society

13 November – 21 December 2009, Kaliningrad State Art Museum, in collaboration with NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Art), Kaliningrad branch, Russia.

Participating artists: J Tobias Andersson, Conny Blom, Alessandra Di Pisa, Åsa Elzén, Carl Johan Engberg, Oscar Guermouche, Karin Hasselberg, Jesper Nordahl, Anna Odell, Magnus Petersson, Daniel Segerberg and Ton & Gainer (Klas Eriksson & John Hellberg).

Kindly supported by Swedish Institute, Sweden.





Living a Modern Society

30 June -31 July 2008, L-Gallery, Moscow In connection of the biennale Qui Vive, Moscow 2008, Russia.   

Participating artists: J Tobias Andersson, Conny Blom, Alessandra Di Pisa, Nathalie Djurberg Åsa Elzén, Carl Johan Engberg, Oscar Guermouche, Karin Hasselberg, Jesper Nordahl, Magnus Petersson, Daniel Segerberg och Ton & Gainer (Klas Eriksson & John Hellberg).

Kindly supported by Swedish Institute, Sweden.   





Bra konst

April 2007, Vikingsbergs Konsthall. Thirteen invited curator’s choose what they thought was interesting art. My selection: Conny Blom and Marina Naprushkina





Lars Vilks: The Hedgehog

2 September – 16 October 2006 Moss, Norway. Curated an exhibition within the installation The Hedgehog¸ invited by the artist Lars Vilks. The Hedgehog was an official part of the 4th Momentum biennale in Moss, Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better, curated by Mark Sladen and Annette Kierulf.



Engagemangets Topografi

3-5 February 2006, Pictura /Skånska konstmuseum, official exhibitions in context of Skåne Social Forum 2006.

Participating artists: Conny Blom, Kalle Brolin, Stina Deurell, Klas Eriksson, Kristina Müntzing, Aida Vahedeh Ghardagian and Immanuel Weinland.




Nimis 25 Years.

31 July, 2005. Participated in the realisation of Lars Vilks land art project Nimis, Kullaberg, Sweden.


En säker utställning

Easter 2005. Mittrundan, Höör, Sweden.

Participating artists. Lars Vilks, Fredrik Axwik and Stina Deurell.


Art on the way 2005: Concern on the way

22 March – 17 April 2005, Total Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. Curated the participation of Lars Vilks within the exhibition.



Internetproject during spring 2005 at the webpage of the daily newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad, Sweden.

Participating artists: Kalle Brolin and Conny Blom.



12 – 28 March, Dagarssongården, Bollnäs, Sweden. An exhibition created together with Lars Vilks, the idea was to realize the projects according to Just do it descriptions, and present it as original works from the artists selected.





Lars Vilks: Playing the Authority Game

1-30 maj 2004. Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden





Amorph!03 – Summit of Micronations

29 – 31 August 2003. Curated the Ladonian participation, Sveaborg, Helsinki, Finland. Organized of MUU, Finland. Main project curated by Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen.


Ladonien vs Sverige

Summer 2003, Christinehof Slott, Sweden



Kulturell Terrorism

22 February – 30 March 2003, City Gallery Valfisken, Simrishamn, Sweden. 

Participating artists: Minerva Cuevas, Conny Blom, Anna Brag and Heath Bunting.






(för-)brukad ort – global ort

1-30 June 2002, Rydöbruk konstnärsby, Sweden.

Participating artists: Conny Blom, Juan Castillo and Max Liljefors



M Art In(n): 2000 – 2003:

Founder, Manager and Curator



M Art In(n) is a social event. M Art In(n) is an expression of my interest in contemporary art and society as a whole. I want to share this interest. M Art In(n) is a project that focuses on the social dimension of the art.

M Art In(n) points to both the place and the concept. M art In(n) takes place within a home(1 room and a kitchen, 46m2). As a concept, the name points to the social context.


M Art In(n) tries to bring art to a social context, why the presence and participation of the visitors is necessary. M Art In(n) stresses that art is a daily practice and not an isolated phenomenon.All participating artists in M Art In(n)make up for an important part in the project’s realisation and concept. The artists´ work represent an important part in the progress of art and therefore of society as a whole.Participating artists in M Art In(n) all represent different aspects of art, i.e. the local and the global. This also means that M Art In(n) strives to show works from both emerging and established artists. To participate in M Art In(n), no special knowledge about contemporary art is needed, however openness and generosity.



M Art In(n) – En social händelse 

11 – 19 March 2000

Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Gry, Christian Jankowski, Max Liljefors, Katrin von Maltzahn, Isa Melsheimer, Josef M Schibli and Rirkrit Tiravanija


M Art In(n) – After Beach & Mingelparty

15 – 23 July 2000

Participating artists: Franz Ackermann, Christian Boltanski, Sylvie Fleury, Anders B. Liljefors, LG Lundberg, Peter Pommerer, Josef M Schibli and Rirkrit Tiravanija


M Art In(n)

11 – 19 November 2000

Participating artists: Com&Com, Peter Geschwind, LG Lundberg, Michel Majerus, shift e.V. and Jan Svenungsson



M Art In(n)

7-16 April 2001

Participating artists: Conny Blom, Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Stars, Christoph Draeger, Nils Erik Gjerdevik, Graham Gussin & Jeremy Millar, Christine Hill and Michel Majerus



M Art In(n)

8 - 16 September 2001

Participating artists: Juan Castillo, Bo Håkansson, Rufus Kraus, Oliver Ressler and Qui Zhijie




M Art In(n) – BAR

12 October 2002 – in connection of the 10 year celebration of Art Magazine Heterogenesis. City Hall, Lund, Sweden.

Participating artists: Anna Brag & Sara Blohmé



M Art In(n)

7-29 December 2002

Participating artists: Sara Blohmé, Conny Blom, Juan Castillo, Swetlana Heger, Max Liljefors, Juan Carlos Peirone and Oliver Ressler



M Art In(n)

12-27 April 2003

Participating artists: Lotta Antonsson, Sara Blohmé, Anna Brag, Heath Bunting, Minerva Cuevas, Alba S. Enström, Kristina Müntzing and Lars Vilks